Vasavi hospitals provide dedicated accident and emergency care to save lives in the golden hours in case of emergency. The hospital is equipped with life-saving equipment that monitors and relays information about patients 24*7.

The emergency department at Vasavi hospital consists of multidisciplinary doctors, nurses, and well-trained specialists who are available round the clock. The state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment enables doctors to know about any internal injuries caused.

The department of emergency care treats everything from strokes to heart attacks and from road accidents to fractures. The 24*7 emergency care units help in treating infants, adolescents, children, and adults in case of an emergency.

Vasavi Hospital is equipped with 5 state of the art operation theatres capable of performing all kinds of surgeries. All OTs are equipped with LED OT lights, OT tables, diathermy machines, anaesthesia workstations, multipara monitors, defibrillators, warmer machines, central suction and all medical gases with well-trained nursing and paramedic staff.

At Vasavi Hospital, a large number of laboratory tests are widely available to help doctors confirm their clinical findings and reach a diagnosis. Many tests are specialised for a particular group of conditions. The hospital has a dedicated laboratory with automatic and semi-automatic machines to cater to the investigations of OP and IP patients. All blood and fluid investigations are available.

The Department is equipped with Digital (Computerized) X-ray (Fixed and portable), Ultrasonography with colour Doppler (fixed and portable). The following services are available at our  hospital:

1. X-Ray

2 Ultrasound.

3. CT Scan

Vasavi Hospitals pharmacy is a specialized field of pharmacy that is integrated into the care of a medical centre. It involves choosing, preparing, storing, compounding and dispensing medications for patients in a medical environment.

A separate Dialysis ward with a provision to conduct simultaneous dialysis procedures is available. This facility is available for outpatients as well as admitted patients.

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