Why It's Important to care for Your Mental Health and Well being

Mental health and well-being are equally important as physical health. According to WHO, a person is healthy when he is physically, mentally, and socially fit. So, mental health is essential to lead a healthy life.

Leading a healthy life impacts our lives in every aspect, like decision-making, dealing with tough situations, and maintaining relationships.

Why is it so important to care for your mental health?

Life isn't easy for everyone. People we meet every day are facing different struggles. Ignored mental health leads to 46% of people who commit suicide

What is depression?

Depression is a group of conditions that lowers a person's mood. It is a state of mind where you feel low or not motivated. Depression is connected to a greater risk of suicide. It's evaluated that rate of suicidal thoughts, attempts, and plans is highest among young people.

However, this condition can be treatable, and suicides can be prevented. It's very important to reload your dopamine and enjoy life to the fullest.

Dopamine isn't cheap: It is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for letting you feel pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation.

We need a proper mental state to lead healthy relationships. It may affect how we deal with our friends and family. Not having a proper mental state would eventually develop depression, inability to socialize, etc.

Mental health can be affected by physical, biological, and psychological reasons.

How can a healthy lifestyle progress your mental health?

Alright, lifestyle factors, including your work, sleep, drug abuse, and food habits, may influence your mental health also.

There are a lot more ways to improve your healthy lifestyle!

  • Exercise regularly
  • A proper bedtime for sleep
  • Minimize or stop the use of alcohol and tobacco
  • A healthy diet
  • Communicate with your partner or family member; if you don't feel comfortable, talk with
    anyone who understands.
  • Be your entertainer; if you feel bad, go for a ride or watch a movie.
  • Self-love is important.

Try to self-care your mental health with meditations and therapies, and if necessary, see medical care.

Care at Vasavi!

We prioritize mental health like any other condition. Specialized therapists, counsellors, and psychiatrists are available. You can talk to them openly about what you feel. Believe us, and it's not a battle to handle yourself. Do not lose hope; we are here to provide peace and happiness.


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